Areas under threat: Worthing

Twyford Down I

Twyford Down – infamous M3 cutting through South Downs near Winchester

Could a bypass around Worthing look like this?  This is a view of Twyford Down and the huge scar caused by the M3 cutting through the South Downs near Winchester.

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Around £70 million is estimated to be needed to address issues in Worthing according to the Government’s announcement in the Autumn Statement.  With this level of funding, junction improvements and minor road realignments will be possible but not much else.  However, local authorities in the area have set up a campaign to fully dual the A27 through Worthing and Lancing which would cost a lot more money and have a massive impact on people’s lives.  Online dualling is likely to mean the compulsory purchase of many homes along the route as there would not be the space to expand the road otherwise.  It is also likely that direct access onto the A27 from people’s homes would be prohibited (another reason why the homes would have to be bought up and possibly demolished) and crossing points for roads going across the A27 would have to be built.