Healthy transport

This page highlights some of the research and evidence about the economic and health benefits of active travel, more commonly known as walking and cycling.

Fit for Life

This is the title of a report looking at the public health benefits of new walking and cycling routes, published in May 2016:


Working Together to Promote Active Travel

This is the title of a report published in May 2016 by Public Health England, aimed at encouraging local authorities to do more to facilitate active travel:


Economic benefit of the impact of the National Cycle Network on obesity and overweight

This report by Sustrans attempts to quantify the health benefits of the National Cycle Network:


Overall economic benefits of the National Cycle Network

This report by Sustrans attempts to calculate the overall economic benefits of the National Cycle Network:


Better returns than road building

A recent Department for Transport report shows that investing in walking and cycling offers far better economic returns to new roads: