A27 corridor feasibility study

A27 at Hollingbury

A27 at Hollingbury

Latest information

After a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request in June 2015, Highways England provided more information about the costs and benefits used in their calculations in the Feasibility Study Reports.  It has since revised two of the tables it provided after another FOI request questioning some of its figures.  It has also admitted that it has assumed that there would be no induced traffic which is probably going to make these figures look more favourable.

The Feasibility Study and the Results

The feasibility study for the A27 is one of six nationally, set up by the Government to tackle long-standing road hot-spots.  The study which started in early 2014 was rushed through to allow the Government to make funding announcements in the Autumn Statement (December 2014).  The study reports were published in March 2015 and are listed below:

Stakeholder Study Reference Group

The stakeholders’ study reference group met four times in 2014 to hear about progress of the study (see unofficial notes of last meeting below).  However, while much of the detail was unclear, one thing for certain was that alternative and less damaging ways of reducing congestion on the A27 were not seriously considered.  In addition, the cumulative impacts of any proposed schemes on the South Downs National Park, or indeed economically, were not adequately considered, if at all.