Where next?

A big thank you to everyone who took our action to demand something better at Arundel.  Nearly 600 people wrote to Highways England objecting to their proposals and supporting the Arundel Alternative and more investment in active travel and public transport.

When combined with the action hosted by the Woodland Trust, over 2,000 people objected to Highways England’s options.  And that’s before including many more who objected via the complicated online response form.

So what happens next?  Well in the first instance, Highways England has to analyse the consultation responses.  It will then publish the results of the consultation when it announces its preferred option – the route it wants to take forward to build.  This is likely to be in around 6 months time, unless Highways England changes its mind or a new Government changes its mind for it.

In the meantime, groups at Arundel are working out what to do next. So watch this space.