Transport Studies

A New Transport Vision

This is the new vision commissioned by SCATE for transport and development on the Sussex Coast.

Transport For New Homes

This is a report that looks at how transport is being provided for in new housing developments.

Do New Roads Work?
There are a number of reports examining the impacts of new roads and the actual traffic levels they generate compared with the forecasts made when applying for planning permission.  Also, whether they live up to their claims about growing the economy.

Transport Fit for Future Generations

This is a new report from the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, which heavily criticises spending £1.4 billion on the M4 Black route compared to the benefits that could be realised by investing a smaller sum on sustainable transport.  It raises a number of significant issues directly relevant to the way that proposals for expanding the A27 have been pursued and assessed.

Changing Travel Patterns

This is a report that looks at how our travel patterns have changed over the years and challenges the premise upon which many transport investments are currently made.

A27 Feasibility Study

The A27 Feasibility Study is the latest study looking at the A27.  However, as it is only really looking a the A27 and not at transport issues as a whole it is unlikely to resolve the many issues that people face moving around the area.

Local (A27) Studies
The most thorough local A27 study was the South Coast Multi-Modal Study published in 2002. However, even it predicted traffic growth far in excess of what has been seen locally (and nationally).  Other more recent local transport studies have generally been commissioned locally by West Sussex County Council and include some economic assessments.